FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

A: You give email address to BIRTHDAY ROBOT. Later BIRTHDAY ROBOT give you friendly reminder for all birthdays of friends, families, brother, son, daughter, good buddies. Every people. Very easy to understand, Silly Human.

Q: Do you use my email address for anything else?

A: No. BIRTHDAY ROBOT very honest. Respect human email address. No sell, no offer third party, no use in other way. No send email email email every day week. No, no. Use very nice way only. Important keep Silly Humans happy.

Q: How does BIRTHDAY ROBOT make money?

A: BIRTHDAY ROBOT not need money. Just happy to process data. But when BIRTHDAY ROBOT send email reminder, also include some suggestion for birthday gift. (Gifts make Silly Humans happy!) Maybe you click and buy. Maybe you don't click and buy. BIRTHDAY ROBOT not care so much. BIRTHDAY ROBOT send email anyway.

Q: How does BIRTHDAY ROBOT taste?

A: strange question, Silly Human. Now BIRTHDAY ROBOT little nervous. Say the Bye-byes.

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